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Identifying growth engines, developing new markets and expanding sales activity



Senior consultants, with 30 years of experience on executive management positions in high-tech and industry, leading business development processes and global activities, establishing and managing marketing, sales and distribution systems. We accompany entrepreneurs and managers in high-tech companies, industrial companies and start-ups, providing strategic consulting and outsourcing services for business development and international marketing

Broad business vision, innovative tools and methods enable us to offer you efficiently and briefly an effective sales and marketing system that includes: planning and strategy – preparation of tools and marketing and sales platforms – execution and practical accompaniment


Preparing for the New Reality in B2B Marketing and Sales

Digital Transformation, Marketing Methods & Sales Tools

At a time when conferences are becoming virtual, meetings at traditional exhibitions are impossible and activity in Digital is increasingly taking up a central place for customers and rivals, organizations are committed to a different approach tailored to the new reality. The challenge in international marketing has always been – to be as close to the market as possible and to customers, and to find ways to overcome the physical, cultural and business distance. We bring an up-to-date, fresh and innovative perspective, with a deep understanding of international sales and marketing processes that enables the construction and implementation of a winning growth strategy

Export & Global Expansion

develop existing markets or expand into new ones

A comprehensive view of international activity enables us to focus on the key elements of the organization’s success in the international markets – from entry and presence strategies in the markets, coordinated sales and marketing systems, field sales and inside sale hybrids, teams, tools and methods, the use of government assistance tools – all of which ensure effective professional functioning that generates revenue and growth for the organization.
Above the marketing and sales infrastructures, we offer strategic management guidance and business development activities designed to create new opportunities and to outline new ways of operating that generate value for the company and new sources of income

Developing New Markets

Business growth processes begin with the question: Is our product/service realizing the full business potential in the international arena? Development of existing and new markets, correct identification of target customers, verticals, distribution channels and strategic partnerships. We assist with professional accompaniment from partners location to business growth

Export Grants

The State of Israel and the Ministry of Economy assist the old exporter, the novice exporter and startups, through export grants - the "Smart Money" program, the SHALAV program (gateway to the international market). We will assist you in preparing an action plan and applying for these grants, which will increase your chances of suitability and winning.

Go-To Market Plans

Success in the international arena requires appropriate planning and preparations. Preparing an orderly GoTo Market marketing action plan will significantly increase the chances of success, including: defining marketing strategy, market entry tactics, realistic goals, milestones, schedule and key tasks and budget allocation

First Time Exporter

The international market represents significant potential for technology and industrial companies. However, the process of embarking on the international arena is complex and requires professional experience, we assist in conducting preliminary assessments, the initial accession process, managing the process of entering a new market and accompanied further down the road in the development of markets and activities

Distribution & Channels

Establishing and/or expanding marketing and distribution systems, locating agents and distributors, assistance in managing communications, closing transactions and management tools. We offer many years of expertise in managing global business development processes, creating strategic collaborations, establishing and managing distribution and sales channels in technology, startup and industry companies

B2B leads

Lead discovery and lead sources - of agents, distributors end customers in b2b, b2g, b2b2c, models. We will assist you in creating a marketing funnel, establishing a CRM system, introducing sources for lead detection and reclamation, establishing a business platform and working correctly on LinkedIn, assistance in the Export Institute and the array of economic attachés and more

Stragic Partners

Consulting, guidance and outsourcing services for international business development. Find strategic partners and manage communication processes. Plotting transaction structure, OEM transactions and negotiating complex projects, managing contractual agreements with multinational companies, enterprise companies, manufacturers, technology companies.

Sales Teams

Specialization and years of experience in the establishment, training and management of marketing, sales and distribution systems. Internal sales, back office, Marcom, pre/post-sales, field sales, local sales offices. Accompanying companies from a broad business vision, reading the business map, analysing the status and out of optimal courses of operation tailored to the company and its customers


In the present era, business organizations that market their products on the international scene are required to exist and present in digital. It’s no longer just digital marketing for a consumer market, B2C. Even companies that market to distributors, institutional bodies, Enterprise organizations can no longer afford to stay out of the digital picture.
Choosing the right platforms, preparing appropriate media, bringing in marketing automation processes – becomes crucial to the success of market penetration activity in the international arena, and needs to be adapted to the sector, target audiences and the type of products or services offered. The presence in digital media accelerates the exposure of the company and the product, generates new leads and enables us to communicate unmediated with our business clientele and decision makers in institutional organizations and enterprises.
The multiplicity of parameters and budgetary significance of digital activity requires proper planning of the digital marketing strategy and preparation of an orderly marketing action plan



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